What goes into your candles? 
Our luxe candles are all handcrafted with 100% Pure Coconut Wax, that's it. Each fragrance is certified by and complies with IFRA standards, and all are phthalate-free. We use wicks made of pure cotton and are lead and zinc-free. 

Where are your candles made? 
These lovely candles are all handcrafted in our epic little workroom, located in the beautiful Tasman Region of New Zealand. We pour in small batches to ensure quality, precision, beauty, and perfection. Please be mindful, due to following this practice, variations between batches may occur.  

Why has my candle changed colour? 
Fragrances that have vanillin in their composition will discolour over time. It doesn't affect the candle's performance or smell. If looked after and stored correctly, the rate of discolouration will be slower. 

Why has my wick gone off-centre? 
A common occurrence, especially as the wax fill reaches the jar's base and begins to heat up. Coconut Wax is softer than other waxes, allowing the wick more room to move around. Keep an eye out, and if it becomes an issue, ensure the flame is extinguished, then using a metal probe or similar, glide it back into place. 

The candle has a rough top after burning - why is this? 
Each candle is different. Sometimes when hot wax cools rapidly and solidifies, holes or an uneven rough texture across the top can appear. A natural feature of the wax, and every time the candle burns and cools, it may or may not happen. Room temperature, climate, time of year are all factors. It's nothing to be concerned about, and it won't affect the candle! 

What do I do with my candle once it's finished? 
We are working on refill candles so you can get the most out of the jar - sign up to our emails and follow us on Instagram for updates.
In the meantime, they make for great display jars and storage containers, suitable for bathroom vanities, makeup stations, and kitchen counters. 
Tip: After the final burn, fill the jar with boiling water and let it sit for a few hours. Once the remaining wax has settled to the top, scoop it out and rinse well. It is a clean, easy way to remove excess wax for the jar to then be re-used.