Relax, unwind, take in those dreamy island vibes. Coconut Lime is a lush tropical blend of soft vanilla and creamy coconut milk, infused with crisp, zesty, and refreshing lime. A perfect combination to create a fabulous ambience by bringing the tropics to you.

Delicate, smooth, and refreshing, this unique blend is one of a kind. On a base of creamy avocado, amber, vanilla, and leafy greens, fresh mint leaf accompanies hints of zesty lemon and orange. Whilst invigorating, this aroma creates dreamy vibes to provide a calm and relaxing environment.

A refreshing, rejuvenating, uplifting scent that will liven any atmosphere. Crisp citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, and lime combined with subtle hints of green tea. Blend into a balanced and gentle fragrance, perfect for any occasion, scene or space.
Soft, calm, yet still refreshing. A blend of sandalwood, musk, and cedar accompanies the energizing notes of kaffir lime, green lemon, and bergamot. With a subtle hint of lily of the valley and freshly brewed rose tea, this scent balances into a zesty, fresh aroma, making for a blissful addition to any scene.

A modern twist on the ever-popular French Pear, this scent is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Succulent fresh pears accompany a pinch of cinnamon, a touch of brandy, and the zest of lemons. To form a decadent, well-balanced aroma that brings joy and delight.

Luscious and fresh. Palm Beach is a soft, delightful, warm, and capturing scent. With musky notes of cedar, sandalwood, clove and vanilla, and citrus bursts of bergamot and orange. This divine blend will escape you to a blissful summer's day by the seaside.
Fresh, floral, lively, this scent is sure to bring a beautiful aura to any space. Posie is a stunning blend of blooming pink peonies and blossoming spring roses, gently balanced over subtle but sweet vanilla bean notes. A gorgeous floral with a little enchantment.

Deliciously sweet and oh-so indulgent, this Vanilla Caramel will have you drooling. A smooth blend of warm vanilla custard, candied sugar, and butterscotch. Combine into a rich toffee scent, perfect for adding a little sweetness to your everyday.